System Design

In CRAE TECH we have years of experience in designing complex systems containing processors, sensors and different user interfaces. We are capable of finding the suitable processors/micro-controller (8-bit to 64-bit) for our clients, capable of handling all the sensors and user interfaces. Over the years we have found the suitable sensors for various applications and developed our own libraries to interface with the sensors. We have developed wide range of user interfaces; ranging from C#, Matlab, Lab View and Processing to LCDs and customized remote controllers. Our experience in the past, allows us to deliver the projects in a very short time. We strongly recommend our clients to develop their systems with us; take note that our designs work the best with our in house developed software and libraries.

Processor Selection

ARM Processors
32-bit and 64-bit single and multi-core processors configured for various environments.
32-Bit Processors
32-bit processors for when extraordinary requirements and conditions have to be met.
8-Bit Processors
8-bit processors for when simplicity and size matter the most.


MEMS Sensors
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and many more.
Image Sensors
CMOS based sensors are used for biometrics, traffic and security surveillance and many more.
Motion Detectors
Motion detectors are used to detect/measure movements using different technologies.

User Interface

GUI for Computers
Developing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) using C#, Matlab, Lab View and Processing.
APP Development
Application Development for phones and tablets running Android or iOS, especially when IoT systems are considered.

LCDs are used in compact systems and usually they show limited and important information only.

Sample Projects

Alpha V1

Alpha V1 is the open-source remote controller that suit all your needs.

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Brain Operated Wheelchair

A wheelchair operated by brain signals and suitable for paralyzed individuals.

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MARK II Combat Robot

MARK II is our first 30kg combat robot capable of towing cars and SUVs up to 2000kg.

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