Fabrication Service

CRAE TECH has developed many prototypes in the past and one of the most challenging parts of prototype development is fabrication of the mechanical parts, especially if you are not familiar with the companies who offer this type of service, therefore we offer fabrication service for our clients. The fabrication service starts with a CAD (Computer Aided Design) model and we have vast amount of experience in CAD design. Right after the completion of the CAD, raw material sourcing becomes the essential task for most projects. We are experienced in sourcing the raw materials (even the aerospace graded materials) required with the lowest lead time and cost. The next stage is using the right fabrication technique to fabricate the prototypes with the minimum lead time and cost. Knowing the right technique alone is not enough in many cases; mainly because most companies who provide these services are not interested in small quantities, however, over the years we have worked with many companies and we have developed very good relationships with the ones which are suitable for prototype development. We make sure you receive your prototypes with great quality and minimum lead time.

Fabrication Process

CAD Design
We designing your prototypes in CAD software and let you visualize your prototype before it is fabricated.
We fabricate your prototype with minimum lead time and cost using the latest technologies.
We assemble your prototypes for you, so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Fabrication Technologies

Lathe and Milling
We have access to Lathe and Milling machines (CNC and manual) for precise machining of your prototypes to all the small details.
Water Jet and Laser Cutting
We cut the raw materials using water jet and laser cutting machines for rapid and more cost efficient prototype development.
3D Printing

We 3D print your prototype's model to make sure our design meet your expectations; you can hold your prototype long before delivery.

Sample Projects

Alpha V1

Alpha V1 is the open-source remote controller that suit all your needs.

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A Vision Aid for Color Blind People

A device designed tell the objects' colors to Color Blind individuals.

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MARK II Combat Robot

MARK II is our first 30kg combat robot capable of towing cars and SUVs up to 2000kg.

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