Projects Overview

CRAE TECH has been active in many projects from different areas, however due to the nature of our business and contracts, we are not allowed to share the project's information; therefore only the projects with permission are shared in our website.

 Mark II is a combat robot with unmatched capabilities, Customized remote controller is a controller designed for controlling complex systems, brain operated wheelchair helps paralyzed individuals in their daily life and vision aid for color blind helps individual in need of assistance for color detection.

Our Projects

Alpha V1

Alpha V1 is the open-source remote controller that suit all your needs.

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MARK II Combat Robot

MARK II is our first 30kg combat robot capable of towing cars and SUVs up to 2000kg.

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Customized Remote Controller

A modular multipurpose remote controller used in in many different projects.

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Brain Operated Wheelchair

A wheelchair operated by brain signals and suitable for paralyzed individuals.

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Vision Aid for Color Blind

A device for informing Color Blind individuals about objects' colors.

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