Alpha V1 Open-Source Transmitter Remote Controller

Alpha V1, the Open-Source Remote Controller You Deserve.

Alpha V1 Is Designed with You in Mind

Designed to Be Modified

Unlike other transmitters, Alpha V1 is designed for easy modification by users.

Code-Free Customization

Alpha V1 supports many hardware customizations natively without any need for coding.

Simple User Interface

Alpha V1’s unique user interface is designed with users’ comfort in mind.

Superior Communication System

Digital Communication

Alpha V1, utilize a 2 way digital communication system with unique features.

Channels' Flexibility

Alpha V1 is capable of 18 channels at 100Hz, 36 channels at 50Hz or 72 channels at 25Hz.

Advanced & Flexible Telemetry

Alpha V1’s telemetry system works with RC and non-RC sensors (no more exclusive sensors).

Open-Source All the Way

Open-Source Software

Need a special feature? Alpha V1’s code and documentations are available at your fingertips.

Open-Source Hardware

You can modify Alpha V1’s parts and instal your favorite switches and items on it.

Arduino Compatible

Alpha V1 is compatible with all arduino devices and you can use Arduino IDE to program it.

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