Brain Operated Wheelchair

CRAE TECH and Center of Research in Applied Electronics (University of Malaya) worked on development of a wheelchair, designed for people who are fully paralyzed. The wheelchair works based on brain signals collected from the users’ eyes. There is a panel in front of the user with boxes eliminated by LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes); each LED represents certain direction/function. There is a small LCD next to each LED box to inform the user about the function associated with the LED Box. The user can choose to control wheelchair, TV, air condition and the lights. Based on the selection made by the user new set of information appears on LCDs so that the user can control the selected device. Brain signals are processed and analyzed on a laptop and 2 other processors are used to interact with other devices.

Brain Operated Wheelchair in Action

Brain operated wheelchair is being tested in center of research in applied electronics, University of Malaya. The user operates the wheelchair, controls a TV and turns the lamp on and off with his brain and eyes. All he has to do, is looking at the LED box associated with the task he desires.

Processing Brain Signals

The signals from brain are processed in Matlab (Matrix Laboratory) running on a laptop placed behind the wheelchair. The brain signals go through complex filters and classifiers to produce meaningful data. The meaningful data is then passed to the other 2 processors.

MARK II Combat Robot built CRAE TECH and CRAE
MARK II Combat Robot CAD design by CRAE TECH and CRAE

Complex System Design

The wheelchair is equipped with 2 processors, one for precise controlling of the LED Boxes and the other one send the commands to the wheelchair, TV, air condition and the lighting system. Both processors are connected to the computer and communicate with the Matlab code in real time.


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