PCB Design

In CRAE TECH we have years of experience in designing PCBs for many different applications. We are experienced in the design of high power, high frequency and RF circuits; therefore we are capable of designing PCBs for almost any application. We can design, fabricate and assemble your PCBs in low and medium volumes. We can design your PCBs based on your preferred parts or sources, so that you can always fabricate your PCBs at ease. For fabrication and assembly, we work with different companies in Malaysia and China; based on the PCB and other preferences set by our customers.

PCB Design Overview

Part Selection
We select the parts based on your preferences (e.g. availability and cost).
Layout Design
We design PCB layouts based on your expectations (e.g. size and cost).
Fabrication and Assembly
We make sure your PCBs are fabricated and assembled by the best.

Sample Projects

Alpha V1

Alpha V1 is the open-source remote controller that suit all your needs.

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Customized Remote Controller

A modular multipurpose remote controller used in in many different projects.

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Vision Aid for Color Blind

A device designed tell the objects' colors to Color Blind individuals.

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